Ban Ki-moon considers "outrageous" attacks against the press

Ban Ki-moon on May 1, 2012.

On the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom, Thursday, May 3, the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon deplored the General Assembly of the United Nations "more than sixty journalists have was killed last year in the world and many more wounded. " "Such attacks are outrageous," he has said, calling for "all those who are concerned to prevent and punish such violence."

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"The defenders of a free press help to protect our rights and we must back guarantee their" still insisted the Secretary General, who denounced "the impunity that too often benefit those who attack or threaten journalists." The panellists observed a minute of silence in tribute to journalists killed in the exercise of their profession.


Referring to the "Arab Spring," Mr. Ban stressed "the central role played by social media, mobile phones and satellite TV." "These new modes of communication have helped millions of people to access, for the first time, democracy and opportunities that had been denied them for so long," he said. "On the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom, promise to do everything possible to ensure that journalists can do their job, whether in the new media or traditional media," said Mr Ban .

The President of the Republic of Ireland, Michael Higgins, a former journalist, who attended the meeting, said that the Internet has "revolutionized the way we communicate," should "remain an open and public forum." The Internet "clearly within the scope of freedom of expression," he said.


Many organizations have used this day to take stock of press freedom in their countries. In Morocco, the National Union of the Moroccan Press Freedom (NMFS) pointed to "cases of violations, assaults against journalists in the exercise of their duties, their access to training ban and dismissal ". On the eve of the World Day, the editor of Al Massae, Rachid Niny, who has served his sentence of one year in prison for "disinformation", also said he formed the wish to be "the last journalist Morocco to have been in prison "and called for a revision of the press law to ensure" freedom of expression ".

In a statement released Wednesday, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) said twenty-four journalists were killed in the last twelve months in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and the Republic Dominican. "While we accumulate statistics on crimes against journalists in Mexico, but no case has been resolved, impunity reigns for assassins," laments Gustavo Mohme, chairman of the Committee on Freedom of the Press and SIP.

The announcement comes at a time when two journalists from the state of Veracruz, in eastern Mexico, were reported missing after the discovery Saturday, lifeless body, bearing marks of strangulation, in the corresponding State of Veracruz for the weekly Proceso, Regina Martinez.

To a lesser extent, in France, journalists from BFM-TV were attacked by militants during the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy speech in Toulon on Thursday. Prior to this incident, a journalist site Mediapart was assaulted in a meeting of the presidential candidate during the weekend in Paris.

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