Balladur case: how money occult circulated

Edouard Balladur justified his choice by the fact that the former head of government would be "man to make deep and courageous reforms" in the sense that he wants, "which is that of freedom."

The presidential campaign of Edouard Balladur in 1995, has always been funded - at least in part - through arms contracts: this is the conclusion seems to be reached Renaud Van Ruymbeke. The judge, who instructed the financial aspect of the case Karachi, acquired this conviction after exploring the maze of front companies in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and in various tax havens. He focused from the outset on a suspect cash deposit of 10.2 million francs on the campaign account of the candidate Balladur, April 26, 1995. If Mr Balladur has spoken publicly about the sale of gadgets in his meetings to justify this contribution, this version has not resisted the investigation, nor that special funds.

The magistrate has focused his research on the amounts collected by two intermediate close Balladur government (1993-1995). Ziad Takieddine and Abdul Rahman El-Asir, imposed in 1994 by the Defence Minister Francois Leotard and his advisor Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres in negotiations perçurent colossal commissions margin contracts Agosta (three submarines sold to Pakistan) and Sawari II (three frigates sold to Saudi Arabia).

Thanks to letters rogatory launched by Judge Van Ruymbeke and returned in recent months Switzerlan.

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