At least nine people died in an avalanche in the Mont-Blanc

A rescue team took place early Thursday morning to find survivors after avalanche that killed at least nine dead.

Nine climbers died, Thursday, July 12, in an avalanche on Mount Maudit, in the Mont-Blanc, the deadliest occurred in the French Alps over the past decade. The four people missing in late afternoon, when research undertaken by relief over 4000 meters were suspended, are alive announced the police in the early evening.

The prefect of the Haute-Savoie said a Swiss, a German and two Spaniards were killed and three Britons whose bodies were not discovered until mid-day, after several hours of searching. Nine minor injuries were also hospitalized, and two people were recovered unharmed by rescuers. A chapel was erected in the hospital in Chamonix to host families.

The alert was given to 5 h 25 Thursday morning by one of the wounded, said the police. The avalanche hit three who were roped 4000 meters above sea level on the north face of Mont Blanc, the second track of the rise busiest at the beginning of summer vacation when mountain climbing routes are taken overrun by tourists.


"The mountain does not always return the victims," ​​said Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, who flew by helicopter over the scene of the incident, in the early afternoon. "The investigation [into the causes of the avalanche] begins, under the authority of the prosecutor," he has said. "The number of victims, missing, injured, made this event a very special disaster," he added.

"A plate of 40 cm thick was taken down," argued as the first element of explanation Philippe Rumigny, prefect of the Haute-Savoie, in a press conference in the late morning. "No weather report gives forecast of avalanche risk," said the mayor of Chamonix, Eric Fournier, saying that "in the glacial area, a plate or serac can cause." Meteo France said the wind was strong in this sector Thursday, with highs from 60 to 70 km / h after peaks up to 100 km / h Wednesday.

The last of the more serious climbing accident in the Alps was held on August 24, 2008, when eight climbers - three Swiss, one Austrian guide and four Germans - were swept away by an avalanche after falling seracs at Mont Blanc du Tacul. Mount Doom is one of the passages of the "way of three mountains", with the Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Blanc. It is the second most used way to make the ascent of Mont Blanc, after the royal road that passes through the Dome of Taste.

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