Assaulted by UMP, a journalist Mediapart complaint

Marine Turchi says he was taken out by two different groups of supporters and treated "dirty leftist" at the meeting of May 1, President-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy at the Trocadero in Paris.

A journalist Mediapart complained after being attacked by supporters of the UMP at the meeting of the president candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, at the Trocadero in Paris, Tuesday, May 1. On his blog, the director of the news website, Edwy Plenel, details the place of aggression and motivate the reasons for the complaint. The first page of the minutes, reproduced on the site qualifies offenses "light deliberate violence."

While covering the meeting of the outgoing president, Marine Turchi, who wore a badge identifying him as Mediapart journalist, was taken away by two different groups of supporters and treated "dirty leftist." In the minutes, the reporter 29 years also said that the badge attached to a cord passed around his neck, he was snatched by a man and thrown to the ground, and was "shaken" without be injured when she crossed the crowd to try to leave.


"These facts may seem trivial to some, but they are always a traumatic experience for anyone. But in the case of a journalist and as it stands, they are symbolic of an otherwise serious, under an attack on the fundamental freedom of the press, "said Edwy Plenel on his blog.

The Mediapart website has been pointed by the presidential camp to have raised accusations of illegal financing of the 2007 presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy by Libya. Mediapart has indeed released Saturday a document attributed to a former Libyan dignitary saying that Tripoli had agreed to pay for the "50 million euros."

Read a note discusses financial support Gaddafi to Sarkozy in 2007

Mr. Sarkozy responded by describing the allegations as "infamy" and filed a complaint against Mr. Plenel and two journalists Mediapart, which led to the Paris prosecutor's office opened a preliminary investigation Monday for "forgery and use of false" and "publishing false news".

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