Alleged rape among firefighters: plaintiffs' counsel accused the military authorities

About 300 firefighters were fighting against the disaster that was said early afternoon.

The lawyer of two firefighters who filed a complaint for rape and violence during a hazing within the Brigade firefighters Paris (BSPP) has questioned Saturday, May 12 the military authorities, which he did " nothing "to prevent such" acts. "

Nicolas Cellupica me, who called Friday for any other victims to "break the silence", rejoiced that "already, some firefighters to retire or service are manifested to bring all their support these two young firefighters. "

According to him, it means "that these actions, the hazing, these barbarities have been around for years but they are silent, they are ignored, including at the highest level of the hierarchy." "As a result, the two victims, beside the criminal side, decided to engage the responsibility of the military authorities who did nothing, who did not act to prevent such heinous acts," added Mr. Cellupica.


The lawyer of two firefighters under investigation said Saturday that its customers did not understand why this was hazing 'degenerate'. "To say they are desperate is an understatement, they can not really understand why it has degenerated," he told Europe 1 Me Regis Meliodon, lawyer firefighter imprisoned in the Health and one of the firefighters indicted for not preventing a crime or offense.

"They say it may be the effect of group, maybe alcohol, they do not understand. This is the first time, they say, it was much degenerated, "he has said. When they saw the scenes filmed on mobile phone, "I represent clients were ashamed," said he said. "It's gone beyond what is reasonable." "After that, for them there was no rape," he has said, adding that the video he could watch, "we do not see any. We are unable to know if there was rape or not (.) We see a bottle but it is not clear if it was introduced or not. "


Twelve firefighters were indicted and detained one of them Friday night in the investigation that has shaken the prestigious Brigade. The scene of violence occurred on a bus that brought May 6 special team gymnasts BSPP a competition in Colmar (Haut-Rhin).

A defense lawyer contacted by The question the version of one of the complainants. According to him, the young engaged reportedly announced the filing of its complaint to friends several days before the incident. "It seems that there would be a dispute between the sporting his superiors and him, and he took advantage of hazing in revenge by filing a complaint against his superiors," said the lawyer. "In fact, it would have caused a situation that ended up slipping," he explains to without question the sexual assault.

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