Aggression in Grenoble University Hospital, a man placed in custody

The emergency entrance of Grenoble University Hospital in April 2011.

A man was taken into custody, Wednesday, May 9 in the morning, following the violent assault against a doctor at the hospital in Grenoble at the end of April, according to prosecutors. This 28 year old man, who was identified through CCTV cameras University Hospital, has presented himself to the police station in Grenoble, on Wednesday morning.

Wanted by the police for ten days, he was immediately placed in custody.

A doctor was brutally assaulted and several staff members of the CHU of Grenoble were injured Sunday, April 29, with a half-dozen people unhappy that their relatives had been hospitalized in a room without a window. One of the attackers had tried to kill a chair to the head doctor.

The man placed in custody, who lives in Grenoble, a "direct link" with the person hospitalized, said a source close to the investigation without elaborating. "The investigation is ongoing. The hearings are to be held during the day, "said the prosecutor in Grenoble, refusing further comment.

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