Against gay marriage, Catholics ready to mobilize

It is not certain that the battalions of Catholics throng behind the banner of the Civitas Institute, which is calling for demonstrations, Sunday, May 13, against Hollande "red and secularist France." The nearest Catholic fundamentalists and extreme right movement, which became known by his actions against dramas deemed "blasphemous", has in the Catholic community, a bad reputation and remains marginal.

Yet beyond the virulence of his words, the "vision inherently anti-Christian, anti-family and anti-national" paid to the president elected by Civitas edge at least two of which were unacceptable to many faithful socialist proposals: marriage between persons of the same sex and easing the Leonetti law on the end of life.

In between the two rounds, some bishops have not denied denounce these aspects of the program. The Bishop of Blois drew attention to these "non-negotiable" points of believing.

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