Affair fadettes: CSM opens disciplinary proceedings against the judge Courroye

Philippe Courroye.

The Superior Council of the Magistracy (CSM) has decided to postpone its disciplinary board review the complaint against the World Nanterre prosecutor Philippe Courroye, in the case known as "fadettes" announced Thursday, July 12 to AFP sources familiar with the matter.

The lawsuit, filed in January, accuses the judge of committing "an illegal intrusion into the personal and professional life" of two journalists of writing World: she accused Mr. Courroye have, in September 2010, "explicitly requested "that investigations are conducted on the telephone conversations and Jacques Gérard Davet Follorou that while investigating the Bettencourt affair. The complaint of "offenses, serious and voluntary although clearly denied, contrary to the duties of loyalty, legality and delicacy that require judges."


The CSM has among its vocations that of being the disciplinary body of magistrates. The Nanterre prosecutor was heard Tuesday, July 3 by the admissions committee requests that examines the admissibility of complaints. By referring the examination of the complaint to the Disciplinary Board, the Committee has concluded that the facts are likely to receive disciplinary qualification.

The Disciplinary Board will now conduct its own investigation into the matter which will then be considered at a public hearing at an unknown date, but certainly not for several months. Mr. Courroye faces sanctions ranging from a reprimand to dismissal.

In this case also called the case "fadettes" (detailed phone bills), Mr. Courroye, accused of trying to illegally discover the sources of the World journalists, was indicted in January. These indictments were canceled in March by the Court of Appeal of Paris but Le Monde has appealed.

Since an individual can directly enter the CSM (constitutional reform of 2008, which came into force in January 2011), the complaint of the World before the disciplinary court is the first to have crossed the filter of the admission commission requests.

Of the four hundred complaints received by the Council in 2011, all were deemed unfounded, because they were actually trying to challenge a court decision and not a disciplinary offense.

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