Advocates of rejected asylum strike

For the second time in recent months, a strike disrupts since Monday, May 14, the operation of the National Court of Asylum (NADC). A strike followed by most of the lawyers appearing before this court to review appeals of rejected asylum seekers and should last "at least", according to them, until Friday, May 18

The movement of these lawyers, some of whom are members of the related European Council on Refugees and Exiles (Elena) association is part of regular reports of malfunctions of the NADC. He also stated intention to challenge the new president François Hollande on the broader issue of asylum in France.

One of the main points raised by the strikers for the examination of possible cases of asylum seekers. A migrant must indeed wait an average of eighteen months to obtain refugee status or be dismissed. During this period, he can not work and is the responsibility of the State which pays him an allowance of 300 euros per month and the lodge when the host devices are not saturated.


But during the campaign, Mr. Hollan.

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