Admission postbac: behind the scenes of the selection

Three high school seniors to revise the undergraduate, June 13, 2011.

Thursday, June 7 to 14 hours, the suspense is almost over. The 710,000 students will end if their wishes were fulfilled. University, IUT, business school, engineering or architecture, class preparation. This is the moment of truth. They have until June 12 to accept the proposal on-site Admission

In September 2012, some 60,000 students have applied for a place in one of the 280 schools offering preparatory classes for the grandes écoles. About 40,000 seats are available. How teachers they select the files? What criteria do they hold?

"The challenge for us is to find criteria enabling us to compare files that come from completely different schools," admits Jean-Pierre Bravo, professor at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon. This is a subtle blend of notes first and end, those obtained at early baccalaureate exams, but also the level of the class, the rank of the student in this class, the assessment of teachers on five ballots (the first three and the first two terminal) and especially the summary which contains the precious document: the final assessment of the class council and that of the principal. "There is a real confidence in the teaching staff. If the principal wrote: "very favorable opinion on the issue," we obviously take into account, "explains Thierry Verger, headmaster of the school Thiers in Marseille, which this year received 4,519 cases for 528 places.

Specifically, the "placement fees" are in place in each school. The teachers in charge of a sector (literary, scientific or economic and commercial) examine a number of issues. The note, classify, sort, eliminate them. "In each case, a grid allows a quantitative assessment of each student 0-5," said Olivier Minne, high school principal Helene Boucher in Paris (20th). Once this is done, they compare their results. In case of discrepancy, the case is re-examined. In all cases, the school head referee.

Difficult to make a foolproof method of selection. In scientific prépas, some teachers have developed mini software to decide ex aequo records. A record equal, for example, a stock will always be on top of the stack. In some schools students and motivated worker and has increased during the year is likely to be taken. "We do not focus on the average. A student who had 11 in math and physics in the first quarter but grew in the second, we'll take it, "said Alain Mattone, headmaster Claude Fauriel (Saint-Etienne).

To integrate an excellent scientific preparation, it is better to be in the top three of his class in math and physics. "But you never penalize a very good student in a small class," said Pierre-Jean Congratulations. In general, teachers take into account the average of the terminal, the ranking in the class but also the number of students. "Being the first of 10 students is not the same as being the first in a class of 30," says Bruno Jeauffroy physics professor. Similarly, a 15 out of 20 in a very good school does not have the same value as 15 out of 20 in a hotel hotspot.

Literary preparation, recruitment is not as selective as before. "Before, we were in sight of success in competitions Normal-Sup, but since the establishment of the Bank of literary events that can pass other competitions, there is room for more number of students, "said Patrick Voisin, professor of classics at the Lycée Louis-Barthou Pau. In this accommodation, bonus is given to students "who want". "A student who has 11 or 12 middle and working a student who is 15 or 16 but does not work in all disciplines are preferred."

"We love the teachers and principals who are committed," joked Thierry Verger. The concise assessment of "serious and hardworking student" type is not always considered a good point to enter literary preparation. "Instead, we think that the student is needy. Teachers looking for students curious, open-minded, having the culture, capacity for reflection and analysis, "said Pierre-Jean Congratulations.

If principals do everything to avoid spreading a student quality or to accommodate the contrary a student who does not fit the profile, the method is not foolproof. Olivier Mine recognizes with great candor that year, the school wanted to compare the placement of students with the recruitment of black competition. The school was found that well-positioned to support white students were not necessarily those who were the highest ranked in recruitment. "Obviously, it made us reflect on our criteria, the problem is that we have not found better."

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