A young military bullied after the revelation of his homosexuality

Pierre Schydlowski, June 29

That day in late July 2011 in Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan military campus is empty when Peter Schydlowski arrives to face the "board of education" of the school officers of the army. The hierarchy was called the morning. He is on sick leave does not matter, we ordered Lieutenant Schydlowski to be Guer (Morbihan) for 14 hours. His mother drives from Rennes. Anxiolytics fed, it is in a deep depression. He raped a few weeks ago in Munich, Germany. He signed a paper in which he declines to be defended. The verdict quickly. Exclusion for poor performance and misconduct. 'Do you find something in the civilian "advises him General. "I had no problem results," the lieutenant accused today.

This unassuming young man of 23 years had realized in 2007 that a military career was fraught with difficulties of a different order. Preparatory classes in high school Naval Brest, students searched his computer and found his homosexuality. As a reaction, the unit commander suggested placing it in a separate room lest he "jumped on his comrades."

The results are good, it passes the competition cadet at the German Naval Academy, a course for which he believed to be well prepared, who, by his father, has dual culture. But it is a failure. "At the time I did not ask." Peter turns to the equivalent competition army. Five students are selected by Saint-Cyr for this program in cooperation with the University of the Bundeswehr, the German army. It is received. Followed by Germany, three excellent military and academic performance year, with a view, a master of international law.


Until the night of 24 November 2010. The lieutenant Schydlowski came out in the city, Munich. He comes to embrace his companion leaving drunk a gay bar when three men attack. Homophobic insults, beatings, clashes with security forces, police custody. Bad run for the French army, the next night, a sailor was arrested while intoxicated and injured a German policeman. "I took twenty days to stop him ten days suspended, I found it unfair." He saw evil, too, that the bulletin sanction transforms single aggressor: "A caused a fight in the city center of Munich."

The remarks will multiply. The French liaison officer, Colonel Z. him loose: "Anyway, we knew that." However, the same book at the time Colonel a positive report on the student Schydlowski "is well integrated into its supply chain", "academic performance between good and very good," "a conscientious young officer", "has a fair assessment of the military profession. "

After the attack, the German captain F., his commanding officer, the summons without warning. "The only other French addressed to me anymore. The captain stepped up thoughts to me before others, such as: "You fucked how many guys this weekend?" I had a stomach ache at the thought of going to his office and asked me how stupid it was still me out. "

On the night of 2 to 3 June 2011, everything changed. Pierre is a victim of rape Paradiso gay nightclub in Munich. Drugged without his knowledge, he wakes up in the toilet in the morning, bruises on his forehead, in an empty school. In college, the military doctor made the first analysis. But he refuses to give the anti-HIV Pierre calls and sends him to the captain of emergency treatment. The cadet remembers hearing: "I was sure it would happen. Admit that it made you happy. "

He took refuge in his room, where he spent the day in the shower without being able to not feel dirty. The next day he makes a complaint. Here he recorded "sick room", calling in vain counseling. Delivered to himself, Peter alcoholysis and dark. "I went with a friend settle in the city. And mid-July, I ended up going to the emergency psychiatric hospital in Munich. " There will not be treated as the military repatriation July 15 in Saint-Cyr. A colonel came to get away. The lieutenant did not have time to pack his things, remained in Munich. He followed five months of sick leave.


For the army, things are clear. The Board of Education of 21 July 2011 noted: "After several absences for examinations in June and July 2011, the allocation of very poor grades and mistakes serious behavior, it has been excluded from the German curriculum and was returned on July 15. " In addition, "the student has acknowledged that its very poor performance and misconduct (.) Made it impossible to continue his career." The communication service of the army accurate land he had "eight out of 30 subjects validated, repeated during absences," and refers to "atypical behavior in 2010, repeated in 2011 that no longer possible to maintain the link confidence between the teacher and the student. "

His military career contract is terminated. However, on 26 July 2011, the doctor in Saint-Cyr stated that the lieutenant was "able to continue its commitment." When he filed an administrative summary proceedings, Peter learns that the army grants him a CSD and mute the schools equipment Bourges, measure presented as an opportunity. The exclusion will be confirmed by the Ministry of Defence in March 2012, the change in April. Ministerial letter states that the student has missed events from before the assault. "This is wrong," replied Mr. Eric Morain, his lawyer. The tribunal is seized.

"I want to allow me to finish my studies and get my degree," said Pierre Schydlowski. To his lawyer, "it must be recognized as a victim." A criminal investigation began in Rennes on the facts of rape. The lieutenant had to go to the Commission on Access to Administrative Documents for the army's record and reporting hierarchy. On this point, the military responded to the Commission that the documents were lost or missing.

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