A traffic polluted with PCB oils in court

Rates very high PCB contamination were found around the plant Grez-en-Bouère, which belongs to a subsidiary of Chimirec.

Taking his hand in oil. the chili oil to polychlrobiphényles, the famous PCB. Suspected of cheating vis-à-vis the administration lied to his customers, handled casually hazardous waste, the company Chimirec, its leader, Jean Fixot and six of its executives will have to answer the questions of the criminal court of Paris for several days. After five years of investigation conducted by the Central Office including the fight against environmental damage and public health, the trial began Monday, May 14

The group has already made about him in recent months through its subsidiary Aprochim. Decontaminate oil and metal masses contaminated with PCBs it was intended. Its plant is located in Grez-en-Bouère in a green corner of Mayenne. In 2011, tests showed in the surrounding meadows, PCB contamination rate so high that it took down six herds of cattle. Bad publicity.

It is not for polluting its neighbors Mayenne Chimirec that is at stake this time, but for organizing traffic of dangerous goods - namely PCB contaminated oils - in the 1980s. The group claims to be have its own way of dealing with contaminated oil. We then discover that merely mainly to mix with other waste in order to reduce the rate of PCB oils.

Leaving the whole problem with these extremely resistant toxic substances. Poorly biodegradable, these chlorinated compounds are considered endocrine disruptors, carcinogens likely. They accumulate in the food chain, are found in air, soil, water and in plants, animals and men.

Their production has been banned since 1987, but we must eliminate electrical appliances - including former transformers pyralene - contain. Carefully. The storage and transport of such hazardous waste is prohibited unless expressly authorized. From the producer to the disposer through the collector, traceability must be total. In this case, we are far: loads frequently circulated with false documents between three group sites before arriving at customers: cement plants that use reprocessed oils as fuel.

Aprochim is one of three facilities have received authorization to decontaminate polluted by déchloreuse oils. Its "suppliers" PCB pay 200 euros per tonne for the job. Once decontaminated, lots of viscous liquid are transferred to another entity Chimirec located Dugny (Seine-Saint-Denis), which makes their further processing and are sold 450 per tonne.

So much for the official circuit. In fact, the oils were simply diluted twice or even a third time Domjevin in Meurthe-et-Moselle - which, as the site of Dugny was not authorized to receive it, let alone treat - when the client noted a cement PCB levels too high and turned delivery. Incidentally, Chimirec perceived grants from the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), which increased along with the swelled oil volumes.

Public property is a civil party and hopes to get back the overpayment and 000 500 in damages, says his lawyer, Benoist Busson. "This trial will be exemplary: we will look at an assumed pollution, carried out over several years, large-scale," explains who also defend associations Mayenne France Nature Environment and Nature Environment in this case. "This is the white-collar crime based on a very sophisticated!" Other environmental organizations could join them on the bench plaintiffs.

Chimirec is an international holding company. On its website, it boasts its commitment to respect the environment and regulations. It has thirty locations, including fourteen platforms waste collection, 925 employees, including 780 in France. It flourished in the 2000s. Its turnover is climbing: € 117.5 million in 2008, $ 127 million two years later.

One may wonder - and worry - a group of this magnitude, "tinkers" and waste oil. For the updated system has hardly resulted in checks from the state. Now it seems to have put in place to overcome the inability to Aprochim to overcome its longstanding contaminated oils. It seems that the company Grez-en-Bouère not succeed or to decontaminate or to the store since 1994. Ten years later, she had acquired a process she praised as revolutionary. Except it did not work. Bitter irony, this wonderful invention earned him an award from ADEME in 2006 prices.

All employees heard during the investigation - officers, truck drivers, secretaries - admit trafficking contaminated oils. Only the President, Jean Fixot - son of the company founder - stubbornly denies. Since the case began to hit the mainstream with the setbacks of Aprochim he was intractable and continues anyone dares to risk dent his presumption of innocence until the slightest association.

However, the leader of Chimirec is referred to the court for the three companies cited "improperly disposed of hazardous waste", not reporting its polluted with the administration of environmental stocks have destroyed "sheets analysis results, "falsified" activity reports, input and output registers of companies "," used these false to the detriment of customers, "presented" false certificates of destruction of hazardous waste " .

His defense should go through a strict interpretation of the Battle of official texts. His lawyer could oppose a priority issue of constitutionality, arguing that the environmental code lacks precision. The trial could then be postponed. The real question remains unanswered anyway since it involves the release of PCBs. What impact on the environment have produced these toxic substances as industrial did not address?

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