A restaurant survives an attempted murder in Corsica

Third victim of attempted murder this week in Corsica in the sector of hotels and restaurants, a restaurant was shot and wounded on Friday in the resort of Tiuccia near Ajaccio. Sébastien Angelotti, 34, received a shot in the shoulder at 3:00 after being targeted by a gunman as he closed his establishment. The cook of the restaurant was able to rescue him and the victim was transported by firefighters to the hospital Ajaccio. The survey was carried out by the research section of the gendarmerie.

An employee of a hotel complex in Patrimonio (Corsica), Pierre Casanova was slightly wounded by gunfire Wednesday by two men on a motorcycle. These would have the wrong target, their goal is to kill the owner of the étalissement already threatened victims explained during a press conference.

On Monday, the manager of a beach restaurant Ghisonaccia (Haute-Corse), Olivier Sisti, was shot and critically wounded in his hospital bed in Bastia. He was in intensive care in a room guarded by police after a previous attempt to murder on May 21 in Aleria, after the destruction by fire of the beach restaurant. Mr. Sisti had already been the target killers in October 2010 in Ghisonaccia.

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