A policeman in Seine-Saint-Denis indicted for "murder"

A police officer was indicted Wednesday, April 25 for "intentional homicide" for having killed by gun and a wanted man on the run. The intervention took place Saturday in Noisy-le-Sec, Seine-Saint-Denis, the prosecutor of Bobigny.

The police officer of 33 years was placed under judicial supervision, including the disqualification. He shot a man wanted for armed robbery, claiming it was in self-defense, which is what contradicts the autopsy and testimony.


Saturday night, police in Noisy-le-Sec were warned by an anonymous phone call that a man wanted for armed robbery was in the center of the city, said the prosecutor.

Four police officers went looking for the man on the run, three on foot, in a car. The latter said he found himself in front of the runaway, which "would be covered by its armed wing tending to him." The officer fired four times, killing the 28 year old man.


But the autopsy and testimony have undermined the version of self-defense. "The autopsy findings establish that [the victim] was fatally hit by a bullet entry horizontally in his back," the prosecutor.

In addition, a witness who was driving recounted "attending a chase scene (.) During which a man was firing towards a fugitive," reported the floor. And if the fleeing man was armed with a revolver stocked, he did not use. The grenade he launched "proved a posteriori harmless," said the prosecutor.

The officer was placed in custody Monday and a criminal investigation was opened on Wednesday the head of "armed assault by a person holding public authority causing death without intention to kill." By the agent under investigation for "murder," the judge has gone further than the floor in the evidence against the police.

POLICE "very angry"

Wednesday night, hundreds of police demonstrated in Bobigny, in the Territorial Directorate of Security proximity to protest against the indictment of their colleague. "We wanted to show him our support, spontaneously. The police are very angry, "said the general secretary of the union SGP-FO Unit, Nicolas Comte. "We do not deny the fact that justice must do its work. But the qualification of murder used by the judge is incomprehensible, like the ban on exercising the profession of policing, which will deprive him of his money, "he said.

In the middle of the night, the police have formed a procession of hundreds of cars on the Champs-Elysées as a journalist from AFP, fifty by the Ministry of the Interior. Police cars all sirens blaring, which mingled unmarked vehicles were stranded on the prestigious avenue in Paris, close to Elysee Palace, by police roadblocks.

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