A manuscript founder Jean Jaurès preempted by state

The manuscript was the basis for the speech Jaurès Toulouse in 1908 at the Congress of the SFIO (French Section of the Workers' International).

A rare manuscript of Jean Jaurès, great socialist and pacifist figure has been preempted by the State for the benefit of the departmental archives of the Tarn and will therefore escape private appetite for old documents, said stakeholders operation. It will cost 178,000 euros to the general council, funded 50% by the Ministry of Culture.

These 121 pages of hand Jaurès, considered a founding text for the Socialist Party, had been sold at this price recently in particular by a French auctioneer around Toulouse on behalf of the family of Albi was the owner. Given the importance of the document, the Archives of France come to assert their right to usurp the ultimate purchaser.

The manuscript was the basis for the speech Jaurès Toulouse in 1908 at the Congress of the SFIO (French Section of the Workers' International). The text provided a unifying synthesis of the party that was the forerunner of the Socialist Party and whose unity remained fragile three years after its creation. He allowed Jaurès to rally Congress and assert its pre-eminence among the Socialists.

Jean Jaures (1859-1914), a native of the Tarn, where he was the deputy, gave a Albi family who kept religiously for decades before being persuaded to sell. The manuscript was auctioned on 25 March, with the right to shoot and the newspaper Le Cri workers for which Jaurès had a section of his speech. But the lot, estimated at between 150 000 and 200 000 by the auctioneer, had been "swallowed" (removed from sale) because it had not reached the minimum expected by the owner.

The auctioneer had then found a buyer for OTC euro including VAT and fees 178,000. The identity of the amateur has not been revealed. It was, according to the auctioneer, a French collector, maker of international standard. The state could then intervene, he was pressed on all sides to make for the manuscript into public collections and not become "subject of speculation", in the words of L'Humanité, the newspaper founded Jaures.

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