A friend of Romy Schneider challenges the theory of suicide

Romy Schneider in 1975 in Paris.

The Franco-German actress Romy Schneider "did not commit suicide" even if the court could mention the presence of drugs and alcohol in his apartment, says a close friend in an interview published Saturday in Le Parisien.

Fashion designer, explains Claude Pétin leaving Romy Schneider shortly before he died in the night, after drove her home at the end of the evening of 28 May 1982 spent with her husband and companion of actress, her brother Lawrence Pétin.

"She died of cardiac arrest. The casing made after his death showed she had not absorbed poison. A police drew a record. He wrote: "This death is of natural origin.", "She says in Le Parisien.

She explains that the actress escorted her home late after the evening. "We have spent an hour talking. She drank water. She had stopped drinking and always had a bottle of water nearby. She was happy because she had to make a VOD as "the most attractive woman of the year" ", explains Claude Pétin. This close is "incomprehensible" that justice could mention the presence of alcohol or even drugs in the office of the actress at the time of death.

"From the alcohol, it is incomprehensible. I repeat: it no longer drank only water. There was an empty box or a Valium drug of its kind in the basket of the bathroom, but it does not mean anything, "said the close. Claude Pétin said that the actress had even refused that night to take the half-stamp tranquilizer that friend had suggested.

"If she refused my tranquilizer, it is not to be taken after another," she says, declaring himself "shocked" by a recent documentary aired on France 2 on the actress with a reenactment of his death showing a bottle of alcohol. Thirty years after his death, the myth around the Franco-German actress Romy Schneider (1938-1982) remains intact as well as in Austria, where she was born in Germany, where she began her career in France, where she flourished in artistic terms.

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