A fox steals 38 bowls in two months in the Gers

For two months the bowls Patrick Cazes mysteriously disappeared before his house Belmont, a small village in the Gers. Until the man finally identifies the thug with an infrared camera: a fox.

"The first ball, we took it on February 29. In total, in two months, he still won 38 balls. I want to know what he does, "said, taken aback, this carpenter of 49 years and amateur hunter.

"A fox interested in the balls, I've never seen that. Even if they are rusty, he still takes. At first it made me laugh not at all, because he took me balls compet 'brand new, "said Patrick Cazes, buff bowls developed to participate in all competitions township and have built a bowling staff twenty meters from his house.

The night recording he posted on YouTube shows a wary fox approaching with a treasure precautionary balls, gently between his teeth and take away a small step in the dark. According to the video, he says, is a "pretty young female, a male would be tough."

The craftsman was surprised that the fox is not only interested in the bowls as he has in his dozens of hens, chickens and ducks, a few meters from the bowling alley. "The hens and ducks, he's interested any more than that," he said, amused.

The neighbors surrounding villages offer her old oxidized balls with which he feeds the vice of animal. To better identify the thief, he also disposed adjacent balls "a jack and a tennis ball, but it's not so much interested." Thursday, he left on his bowling a ball weighing 1.6 kg, about twice as much as conventional ball to know what the thief was able.

With spring, he plans to start looking, with his hunting dogs, the 38 balls retracted. Boar hunter and small game which abounds Gers, Patrick Cazes has already shot foxes. In the Gers, they are known to attack poultry which the reputation of the department. "But this one, we will pardon him."

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