A former nationalist assassinated in the center of Ajaccio

He had survived two attempted murders. The first time in 1996, Yves Manunta had risen despite dozens of bullet holes in the head, legs and chest - 99, he recounted. The second in November 2011, fifty bullets whistled in his ears. He was fired two shots in the arm, shrapnel in the shoulder and a sprained ankle. His wife and 10 year old daughter were injured.

Read in Ajaccio, a new episode of fratricidal wars between former nationalists.

This time, Yves Manunta, 50, died. This former Corsican nationalist, a business owner and security guard, was killed Monday, July 9, on the Cours Grandval in the center of Ajaccio, 17 h 40, the time when the café terraces start fill.

Yves Manunta had just parked his scooter when his murderers emerged, firing a dozen shots before fleeing and burning the car in which they had arrived. For more than half an hour, rescuers tried to revive the victim. In vain. Manunta, as it was called in Ajaccio, died about 19 hours in the hospital.

A judicial investigation for "murder" was opened interregional specialized court of Marseille. Tuesday morning, three people, including a 23 year old man, known to police, were in custody. With significant burns to the body, the latter was arrested near the burning vehicle and taken to hospital in Marseille.

For over a year Yves Manunta feared to be the target of killers. Member of the Corsican National Alliance in the 1990s, he was a committed activist nationalist cause. At the height of the fratricidal war in 1995-1996, he played a leading role alongside its allies National Liberation Front of Corsica (FNLC) usual channel, and its legal front, the Movement for the autonomy Alain Orsoni.


After these clashes, the two men who had shared the same commitment and the same bad shots, had withdrawn from combat. They then selected cases, with a few other cronies of their income as they nationalist ideal, Antoine Nivaggioni right arm Alain Orsoni, murdered in October 2010. It is with the latter and some of the funds from the war chest of CNLF, in the late 1990s Yves Manunta created the Mediterranean Society (SMS).

Supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Corsica in which former nationalist camp occupied their positions of power, the duo Manunta-Nivaggioni did not take long to get the main public markets. So much so that in the early 2000s, the SMS has become one of the largest employers in the county. But from 2004, the duo began to tear Manunta suspecting Nivaggioni to use a little too much in the box. The divorce was sealed three years later. Yves Manunta left the SMS to start his own business, Southern Company safety.

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