A former Corsican nationalist killed in Ajaccio

Aged 50, Yves Manunta had stopped scooter and remove his helmet when the attackers arrived by car and fired ten shots at him.

Yves Manunta, a former Corsican nationalist and company already suffered two previous assassination attempts leader, died Monday, July 9 at the hospital in Ajaccio after suffering several shots in the center of Ajaccio , Has to a judicial source.

Aged 50, Yves Manunta had stopped scooter and remove his helmet when the attackers arrived by car and fired ten shots at him, according to testimony gathered on site by a correspondent of the AFP. Relief have provided him a heart massage before taking them to the hospital, where he died. Not far from the scene, the attackers burned the car in which they committed their crime. A man with burns and suspected of having participated in the acts, was hospitalized and had to be placed in custody as soon as his health would permit, a judicial source said.

In November 2011, while traveling by car with family, Yves Manunta had been the victim of a shooting, injured ankles, while his wife was diagnosed with a shoulder and a hip, and her daughter ten years an arm. The Court interregional specialized (JIRS) Marseille, already investigating the assassination attempt in November, was seized of the matter, said the prosecutor of Marseilles, Jacques Dallest.

Former militant of the Corsican National Alliance (ANC), Yves Manunta had already been targeted by militants Cuncolta in 1996 - in bloody clashes between the Corsican nationalist movements during the decade - réchappant narrowly in the shootout thanks to a bulletproof vest he wore. Subsequently, in the 2000s, Yves Manunta had founded a security company, SMS, along with Antoine Nivaggioni, shot in October 2010 in Ajaccio.

The two men had entered the conflict in 2004 and had broken off their relationship in 2005, Yves Manunta creating a competing company. Indicted in the case of SMS, suspected of procurement fraud, he was acquitted in March 2011 by the Criminal Court of Marseille.

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